Sunday, September 10, 2006

That's why it isn't telephony?

Okay, there is a temporary lull in the activities here. We are waiting to connect for Robert Scoble's talk via Skype to BlogCamp.

Update: Didn't work out too well. I feel a pity for Robert who stayed up till midnight for nothing.

Hopefully it would happen after lunch.

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Nanyaar? said...

Good morning, ;) its 10:20 am here in NY. Im sorry was a bit tired yesterday had to sleep but Im glad you covered it like yesterday.

So did it happen?

btw., do u have anything against reply comments for the second time in the same post?? lol


Nanyaar? said...

And Can I blog-roll you Sir?

Sunil Bajpai said...

You're welcome to both, Nanyaar.

I don't have a policy against second time comments and would be happy if you chose to blog roll me.

Glad to know that you liked what I put up. Thanks for letting me know.