Sunday, September 10, 2006

Every good thing must come to an end

BlogCamp was an enjoyable learning experience for me. About blogging and about how an enthusiastic team can work effectively.

Didn't live blog Sunil Gavaskar's visit and Robert Scoble's address because I was less than live by afternoon.

But I must tell you just how remarkable Sunny was. He played it with a straight bat, like he always has; spoke with a fluid, measured voice and got his ideas across the boundary effortlessly.

Listening to Robert Scoble was nice too. He stayed up late and spoke with enthusiasm after waiting a long time for the link to be restored and for the tired bloggers finish their lunch.

My only regret was that I had to ditch my quiz partner and leave. Venki found someone else to team up with and I'm sure he did better with his new teammate.

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Arvind said...

Hey Sunil, yeah, it was a cool two-day affair! Nice experience live blogging it along with folks like you. Will try meeting up sometime.

Venki said...

Hi Sunil .. I landed a partner in Gaurav Gombar and we did a spirited attempt at the prelims. I guess there were other sharper minds, and what I thought was an impressive performance was not good enough to get us into the finals. It was good fun sitting in the audience though .. it was a well conceived and conducted quiz.

I enjoyed the camp and the opportunity to get acquained. Look forward to meeting more in the blogosphere.

Sunil Bajpai said...

Sure, Arvind. And my best wishes to you in all your effots.

Venki: Enjoyed chatting with you and your perspective on the things that were being discussed. Thanks and best of luck!