Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The ladder of success

Success is transformative. It brings change. If success didn't change anything, why would we seek it at all?

Doctors tell us that any change induces stress. And if one isn't prepared for the change, the stress can be ruinously destructive.

That's why, I guess, prayers are never answered swiftly. You need to be more prayerful to cope with what must inevitably follow if the prayers were granted. The advance practice must be necessary.

But, of course, if you work for success as well, the experience and skills developed in the effort equip you to deal with its consequences automatically.

You want to crack that exam and go to MIT? Sure. But in the unlikely event that you are granted a wild card, please, decline the offer with a prayer.

There is nothing more unfortunate than to be in a situation you were not prepared for.

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