Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't let it grow!

"It had to come out finally," he said, after  revealed that he had served in Hitler's elite Waffen SS.

Why did this Nobel-prize winning author feel compelled to reveal something that had been safely hidden in his breast for 60 years?

A constant pressure or irritation on skin causes the body to add protective layers. This dead tissue overtime becomes hard and itself adds to the irritation, which eventually leads to a painful corn. Once that happens, the core needs to come out before you can be peaceful again.

Probably, Gunter Grass could not put the secret out of his mind and the protective layers of rationalisation he added over the years, never really helped. Like the corn, his condition became pathological. 

It doesn't have to be a secret, obsessive thought patterns that can be the constant irritation by themselves.

How does one avoid corns? By breaking the process of their development:

  1. Learn if your skin-type (or personality) is prone to this condition,
  2. Discover the irritation early and screen if off,
  3. Remove the source of irritation. (You don't definitely need any shoes because they are stylish.)

A new shoe or perspective on life is much better than the pain of growing a corn. Never, ever let it grow.

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Nanyaar? said...

Wish I cud grow up to write like you.