Monday, September 18, 2006

How would you sell watches?

Especially, when they are expensive.

You may think up one of these themes as your brand strategy (clever you!):

  1. Contemporary, but with a long tradition of excellence
  2. A tradition of innovation (therefore, unique features)
  3. Meeting exacting standards (like those of the aviation industry)
  4. A beautiful, stylish woman

That's Rolex, Blancpain, Breitling and Raymond Weil respectively, advertising in Time, Asia edition dated September 11, 2006.

Of course, you'd blend these approaches, the devil that you are.

Rolex mix a little no. 4: Anoushka Shankar (contemporary music 700 years in the making). Breitling add 1884 under the logo, Blancpain trace their traditions to 1735 and Raymond Weil feature easy-release case clasps for Charlize Theron, and  you.

Surely others sell exceptional watches too. They just  didn't advertise in this one copy of Time magazine I picked up for the journey. 

Now, some fun for those of you who are truly creative: Can you think of any other approach to selling these kind of watches?

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Nanyaar? said...


And where have you been travelling to?
As far a watches are concerend, I believe, in reaching people, see its all about seeling aint it? first of all I wont buy an Expensive watch because its a waste of money, and waste of time/energy spent in getting it. Because, all you need is time, and a good watch can always tell you that.

Sorry about my meger/lesser thinking, being indian, quality and the price stands out more than the product itself.


Sunil Bajpai said...

Nanyaar, in this case it is about reaching people for whom such watches aren't expensive.

And, perhaps, for persuading those who think the watches are expensive, but still worth the price.