Saturday, September 09, 2006

Search Engine Marketing generates heat

Ashwan Lewis of Pinstorm began his presentation on Search Engine Marketing by pointing out that paying the search engine for a high ranking or for an ad to be displayed aside the results might make sense for a professional blogger who's in it for money.

Immediately there were protests from people who didn't like the commercial view of something that is a personal passion for them.

Well folks there are business letters and love letters. One doesn't in anyway reduce the usefulness of the other, does it?

When you can't tell one from the other, that's not good. But otherwise, both can co-exist peacefully. Any comments?

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Nanyaar? said...

Well I can understand your point. Your making it sound diplomatic and I dont blame you for that. But when you have a mixture, in the group, which is not of a specific genre you cant do that.

You can never mix a bussiness letter with a love letter sometimes results are bad. Therefore co-exisetent is all with chance.


Sunil Bajpai said...

Can you mix a business letter with a personal one, or have one masquerading as the other? No, that is way too ugly.

But you do recognise that the mere existence of the genre called business letters doesn't in any way offend those who write love notes.

And it could be important to some people to learn how to write one or the other. We must accept both the needs.

Nanyaar? said...

Ha ha please dont take me wrong or be offended, but it kinda sounds like, be a prostitue also be faithfull...

Im not talking about offense here, im talking about having a blog conference, where you find both of them kinds and address one things as if it could apply to both..

btw., I reached Newyork.


Content Profit SECRETS said...

Not being able to come in person to the event, I've been following your blog posts to get a sense of what's been happening.

This position ('blogs are about passion, NOT cash') taken by some bloggers at the show was the exact same one I encountered back in 2003 when I released my ebook on the subject.

It is also what made me decide to stick to my core audience with products teaching how to PROFIT from blogs (oops, I said the dirty 6-letter word!) :)

Nice coverage of the event, Sir. Thanks.

Sunil Bajpai said...

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. And for the kind words.