Saturday, September 09, 2006

Making money, not sense

There is Amit Agarwal telling us that he makes serious money (several lakhs of rupees a month) with his blog on blogspot.

He gets over a million hits and 80% of this revenue is actually from AdSense.

You want to know how he does it? I would too. And if I ever succeed, some of the things that he told here today would come in handy.

Btw, he does seem to be a nice guy and can hold the interest of the audience. But you could have guessed that on your own.

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Nanyaar? said...

If thats true then Im seriously missing something. MAN!!!

Nanyaar? said...

But then who cares about the money, if all you wanted was to write. I'm sure journalist wud be minting money if this was true.


Sunil Bajpai said...

True, Nanyaar.

Making money is important, and so is making sense (to myself of what I see), or making friends. Depends on what you live for.