Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mobilising opinion, herding butterflies

Scott Carney presented a case of a child born with one eye. He posed the question:

Would bloggers take up stories like these and pressure the authorities into investigating what may have caused it?

Dina made an immediate and very valuable suggestion. Set up a Technorati tag and let people blog about it. Very soon you'd have mobilised an opinion. How simple and effective!

Someone pointed out that the actual story has appeared in the main stream media. You'd expect that, won't you? A story like this is conventional news.

Yes, it was something horrible to have happened to the child and the family. But is it the most important thing that bloggers need to take up? I don't think so, especially when we have little more than vague suspicions about a drug being the reason.

You can mobilse blogging opinion, but not in any direction that you wish it would take. Sorry folks, you don't get my vote here.

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Nanyaar? said...

I have a personal experince, which has practially changed my life, but sad to say it was not picked up by any other bloggers other than local media friends in that country. Of course few friends and bloggers from in india did blog, a hand full, but we did not get the response we were expecting.

The whole issue was about how my friend died due to medical neglience.

So I guess my vote wud stay out too, interesting to know atleast someone is live blogging. And well its helping pass my time as I wait for my delayed flight.


Sunil Bajpai said...

Nanyaar, your post is about a manifestly negligent act--or omission.

Such posts elicit greater support and also document cases, which can build a dossier about the negligent individuals or institutions.

Thanks for your comments.

Nanyaar? said...


The issuse is now too far out of reach. And thats one of the reasons, I quit med school.

This link has the Chronology of the events.

Some photos have been disabled in flickr., im on my way to enable it.


Nanyaar? said...

And oh do scroll from bottom up.