Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why is Amit Agarwal so successful?

Amit is a professional blogger who has made it big in his field.

His blog, Digital Inspiration - The Tech Guide, makes the kind of money that few jobs bring in. How does he do it?

It is too easy to assume what makes him tick. 

If you guesses are along the lines indicated here, you may not be very wrong, but have missed the real thing.

(Follow the link at the end of the post to find the real reasons.)

He writes about technology, which interests netizens

He writes about technology, but so do many others.

Why aren't more people equally successful? Especially, when he often writes about things that are discoverable through search.

He knows all the tricks

You know, about positioning the ads, doing an SEO, etc? The tricks that bring in visitors and the money?

There are some excellent articles on the net about these methods, some of them written by Amit himself. When the knowledge is widely available, why isn't the success replicated easily?

Bonus Question: If these tricks really work, why does Amit discuss them so readily. Will it not diminish his competitive advantage?

Do let me know other apparent reasons that you think aren't really the source of his success. It would be fantastic to hear what Amit himself has to say about the myths!

All right, how does he do it then?

Continued ...

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