Friday, January 05, 2007

Blogging in the style of Cubists

Just as it would be wrong to assume that Picasso loved ugly women by merely looking at some of his paintings, we must not assume that a weird blog says something obvious about the blogger.

Because a blogger and his (or her) blog are different.

A blog, like paintings or other art forms, is a creation that stands apart from the artist.

Picture taken by deror avi on June 2005.

Cubism has been an influential movement in modern art. It's leading proponent being the famous painter Pablo Picasso.

The jagged shapes and flat figures of cubists are strange; and their devices, like the passage (things going into one another), stranger still.

It is difficult to understand or relate to them, but often these paintings do hold attention. Perhaps, for the reason that one cannot take all the information in at once.

To the knowledgeable, these paintings undoubtedly convey ideas and emotions that cannot be communicated otherwise.

There must also be bloggers experimenting with devices, perhaps subliminally, that are as strange as those of cubists.

Today they may be anonymous, but their inventions could create a future blogging movement.

I have a theory here about the likely existence of such blogs, but no specific examples. If you know any, please, leave a link in comments.

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