Sunday, January 14, 2007

Body's own logic

In the process of testing a theory of his, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame narrates:

When I cross my legs, right-over-left, and sit on my left ass-cheek, my brain doesn't work right. In order to think well enough to do work, I either have to have both feet on the ground (and both ass cheeks), or have my legs crossed left-over-right and sit on my right cheek. I discovered this years ago. I have no idea what causes it.

Source: The Dilbert Blog: The Ultimate Test

Here's a story of my own, about a mystery that got solved.

My father used to complain about a dull pain at the base of his left thumb. Nothing was ever found wrong, but the pain was there on and off. Just a pain with no identifiable cause.

He never found out the reason. I stumbled upon it recently, almost a decade after he is no more--yes, when I mysteriously developed the same symptoms.

Enlightenment struck one afternoon while I was drifting in and out of sleep. I tend to fix my thumb snugly between the other arm and body while sleeping. The hand stays like that for hours, and as I lean on to it, the thumb is stretched further! Yes, my father used to sleep like that too!!

Since the discovery, the pain is gone. It recurs when I unconsciously slip into the same comfortable posture.

Just how much we inherit! Even the way we acquire our pains!!


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