Friday, January 19, 2007

Violent Acres » Love, Shame, and the Human Pecking Order

A confessional from Violent Acres on a princess's mistreatment of a geek.

I kept it because it hurt me to read it. I keep it as a reminder that someone out there once thought I was smart and beautiful, but my behavior changed his mind. When I'm feeling really low about the direction of my life, I read it and I think to myself that it took a boy that I abused to reveal to me my innate character flaws. When I put it down, I make a silent vow to show kindness to those who show me kindness. Sometimes I fail others and in doing so, I fail myself.

Source: Violent Acres » Archives » Love, Shame, and the Human Pecking Order

It takes courage to write openly and honestly about mistakes one makes. And then to put it up for everyone to comment upon.

The story almost sounds like the fabricated tales that appear in chain emails. The ones designed to bring about some catharsis in the readers and to encourage them in that moment to pass it along to everyone else. Except, this one appears to be true.


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Natasha said...

I did a similar thing to someone when I was fourteen. I was a very naive little girl with no dating/relationship experience and I didn't know any better. But I still feel badly about it.

VA's story rings true to me.