Thursday, November 02, 2006

The smell of snake oil

New futuristic transportation coming to a city near you?

It's the SkyBus running on Goa Test Track, but according to Mr B Rajaram on, "India is not getting benefit of own technology innovation."

Hardly surprising because he claims:

  • The SkyBus can provide the comfort of air conditioned travel at speeds up to 250 kmph. 
  • A 100 km network can be built in less than 3 years at roughly Rs 5000 crores.
  • Estimated return on investment exceeds 15%

Smells of snake oil to me. (Please read the text below.)

But it seems crores of rupees from public funds have already been spent on the test track and other development work!

Perhaps, some bloggers might want to have a more careful look and form an opinion. (If you blog about it, please, do tag it: SkyBusAtrilab.)

Strategy: Digitally empowered knowledge-embedded- infrastructure-evolution to make basic infrastructure
of roads, railways, air/sea ports, power management, healthcare, water/sewage management, municipal
house keeping functions, habitat development for under-privileged, agricultural water management/
harvesting/ transportation to processing centers, basic food processing and delivery systems, educational
support – almost covering the entire gamut of human life.

Source: Atrilab About Us

Update: In response to this post I received a document called the SkyBus Fallacy. It raises some very interesting and pertinent questions. (The last part is an embedded image, which does not show clearly in Google Docs. If you need to verify the calculations yourself, I shall be happy to email the original MS Word file.)

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