Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Placing a dagger to seek relief?

"None can be permitted to place a dagger on the neck of the person and seek relief. None can be permitted to hold the city, law and order and the law-abiding citizens to ransom and then ask for relief," Supreme Court of India

Source: The Hindu : Front Page : Apex court will not stay sealing

Yes,it isn't lawful to do so.

But running businesses from residential areas isn't lawful either. MCD turning a blind eye to the goings-on for years isn't lawful. And God knows a thousand other things aren't lawful that the traders could point out against others.

And if you go beyond lawful to what is unfair, reporting the sound byte may not be fair to the judges, whose decisions are probably based on the law and jurisprudence, and not vivid analogies.

But even if the judges hadn't said so, anybody else could have. And there are other provocative things being said, which nobody can stop from rippling through the society.

In other words, this issue is political and the solution would have to be political too.

A full time mom blogs about it here:,

A young man at:

There would be many more. And some may have given analysis based on knowledge of these issues, although I couldn't locate much.

Sound bytes help crystallize opinions, so they have a use. Pelting stones, setting shops on fire or killing people may have been too be useful, in the past. Today we have the option to use all caps, if we must.

We did talk about new options earlier at: Is blogging any use for politics?


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