Thursday, November 09, 2006

Right brain versus left brain work

Here's a teaser that Dina Mehta put up on her blog. Which was, of course, cracked by her very intelligent readers in no time.

Do puzzle over it before you check the answer.

If you use the right brain to solve it, you won't need a method and a fully formed answer would drop into your mind, as if by magic.

To use the left brain, skip down and follow the suggested steps. May be called cheating in this case.

Was passing by one of the busiest 'walls' in Bombay today .. and couldn't resist this picture. Any guesses on the product? No pink prizes ange :)

A picture named red rose.jpg

Source: Conversations with Dina

The cheating way:

  1. It has to be Red Ro?e. So Rose is a no brainer.
  2. The ® indicates, it is trademark for some product.
  3. The products are PAM*/PAN*; SL*; NIGH*. If you are too lazy to think, go over to, put these letters in the text box, choose "Match these letters" from the dropdown. (You'd have to do it 4 times; twice to cover PAM*/PAN*. )
  4. Select similar products from generated list.
  5. Verify that length of words, when centred or right aligned, match the visible pattern.
  6. Announce the answer to yourself!

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