Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two new browsers in one week

The world saw two new browsers this week: IE7 and Firefox 2.0.! And what changed as a consequence?

Tabbed browsing in IE7

Oh there was tabbed browsing in IE6 through an add-on from Microsoft itself. And I remembered their well-positioned close buttons, but couldn't locate them now!

Is there a new completely intuitive way to close tabs that I couldn't discover? Had I fallen below Scott Adams "incompetence line", using the browsers benchmark?

Mercifully, the close buttons appeared when I opened a second tab. But for a while I was scared!

Tabbed browsing in Firefox 2.0

The text from Bookmarks Toolbar periodically overlaps the tabs, making them unreadable! This couldn't be a bug in the new Firefox!!

Does it only affect some windows users or those with a certain display adapter? Should I upgrade the browser on the laptop and check if that too is similarly affected? Should I do a net search first?


The spellcheck in Firefox 2.0 is really cool.

I liked it instantly. It even worked in Google chat from within gmail. Naturally, of course!  So let me not think too much about the garbled text for now.


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Amit said...

Firefox rox!