Thursday, May 31, 2007

Windows Live Writer Beta 2 - new capabilities

Windows Live Writer Beta 2 has now been released with some very useful enhancements. It would make sense for most users to upgrade.

Here's my list of what is nice:

  1. It highlights spelling mistakes as you type. Reduces risk of publishing without checking spellings.
  2. You can add categories, or blogger labels.
    (Just click on the line below the main message window and your list of categories is presented. Check any that apply!)
  3. It allows you to add tables.
    You could do them earlier too, but had to create tables in FrontPage or some other HTML editor and paste the the resulting HTML code.

    Now it's easy to handle tables directly!
      Ever Seen A Sundog?
    You could even do a layout with tables!

    Wenpics on

To download and to get more detailed information you could visit:

Writer Zone: Windows Live Writer Beta 2 Now Available


BTW, while Beta 2 installs over the older version of Live Writer, it may be best to add the Weblog account afresh. Categories (labels) only started to function when I did so :-)


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