Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why does your conversation with mom end this way?

In last 9 months it's been watched more than half a million times! Most of the over 2000 comments are like:

ParfaitTic (5 days ago)

OMG! your observations about life are so ... so.. REAL :D ! LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS

Why do moms (and sometimes dad) behave like this?


Mom doesn't want you to eat Tuna against your wishes. This conversation isn't about fish, nutrition, mercury poisoning or anything.

It's a little drama fuelled by loneliness and guilt.

There are attempts to end the conversation: Mom, I don't like fish! (Please, can we stop talking ... er about fish and such other stuff?)

And attempts to keep it going: Fish doesn't have as much mercury anymore. (Yes, you don't like fish for some reason. But I want to talk to you, and fish is about the only thing I can think of at the moment. Besides, I can't discuss your career or your children or your love life, without feeling so much like an outsider.)

Sometimes an emotional scene over fish is better than emotionless silence between individuals.


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