Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The most productive 5 minutes of the day

On most days it's only five minutes, right after I wake up:

00:30 Stretch. Straighten the spine, persuade muscles to wake up. Ah, that feels heavenly!
00:45 Flop back.
Feel Happy. Recall the last day. Or contemplate life in general.
01:15 Focus. Now what was it that I'd decided to do? For the day or with my life?
00:30 Open eyes. Keep them open. Look around. Feel the morning.
00:45 Nudge my wife to see, if she responds.
00:20 Now what it that I had to do, again?
00:10 Sit up. Reach for the glasses. Switch off the alarm.


All right, let's get on with it!


Here's the trigger for my post:

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Go ahead and write about your 5 minutes. I shall be happy if you win.


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