Monday, December 17, 2007

Nature's way: Does he snore for you?

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ninjapoodles, who relates an interesting story about the picture.

She also blogs at Ninja Poodle.


Does it constitute an explanation that snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissue at the back of the throat?

That's like saying that the coqui frog produces ear-splitting calls because of the vibrations from a sac near its mouth. Of course, but why?

Click here to learn about frog communication. For a theory about snoring read on.

Such a theory must explain:

  1. Why does it affect men far more than women?
  2. Why does it seem to switch on in middle age?

It must also explain why evolution hasn't worked to eliminate it when:

  1. Women don't consider snoring attractive and
  2. It could cause a serious disorder called sleep apnea in the snorer.

Could it be that snoring offers (or once offered) a survival advantage

Quite likely, when you consider:

  • It isn't a health problem, unless it becomes excessive and occurs in conjunction with other conditions, such as obesity. Well , what is not a health problem in its more severe or excessive form?
  • The snorer can sleep undisturbed. Actually, so can his companion in bed, unless there is some other underlying reason for her disturbed sleep.

But what could be its survival advantage? Perhaps, the fact that snoring loudly can scare away animals that may attack a sleeping family.

Plus, an adult male would be the best choice for tackling an animal that comes snooping:

  • He would be strong, and skilled, enough to take on a wild animal that may be reasonably repulsed
  • The one to sacrifice, should this become necessary. He would have already passed on his genes to the next generation.

Oh, btw, animals also snore. It would make sense for them to snore too, isn't it?



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