Thursday, March 08, 2007

What are you doing for women?

Yes, what are you going to do for the women of the world this March 8?

I asked the same question of myself and was at a loss to come up with any worthwhile response. All the women and girls in my large circle of family and friends seem to be doing nicely.

Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and GirlsSo I headed over to the UN web site on the International Women's Day 2007, hoping to find some help.

They have dedicated this day to a very worthwhile cause: Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls!

Yes, I want this impunity to end. But it would happen only when we:

  1. Remove impunity for all violence
    Let me explain the logic with an example. Patients (especially) need a clean and germ free environment. To achieve that the hospital needs to be clean for everybody.
  2. Remove any bias against women
    Which would be to best achieved and sustained if we are alert to all forms of prejudice. Bias is subtle and pernicious. Indeed, "bias against women" may infect women's minds just as easily as those of men.

Therefore, at least in this case, the UN can archive its objectives more easily by broadening the scope. And it wouldn't even cost them so much more, would it?

Speaking of the cost of UN programmes, they could raise money by allowing people to donate a small sum using PayPal or a credit card and be relieved that they have done their duty for the day.

There are millions like us, so there must be lots of money in it.


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