Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Starting all over again

Last week I joined a new office.

Yes, it means learning to work a new telephone system, rearranging furniture, discovering better parking slots, and getting acquainted with the proclivities of your new colleagues and staff.

Mercifully, arranging the virtual world is easier. (Thanks, !) And armed with a copy of my downloads folder on CD, all essential software is installed and running, like the Windows Live Writer.

This is my first IT job. Therefore, there's the delicious anticipation of a sharp learning curve ahead.

There is also a disquiet, and it's this disquiet that I want to keep in mind for as long as it would stay.

It seems my biggest challenge would be to keep business, rather than technology focus. Why? And why would it be a challenge? Don't know and that is, perhaps, part of the disquiet.

Wish my luck and do give me advise.


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