Thursday, December 28, 2006

CNN-IBN Haj Expose - Where is the outrage?

New Delhi: Want to take the ultimate pilgrimage to God? Pay the middleman as the Haj is up for sale. Just as many temple establishments across India are often accused of exploiting poor Hindus, so also are poor, vulnerable Muslims who are being exploited for their beliefs.

Source: Muslims' faith misused by community leaders? : face the nation, Special Investigation :

This morning CNN also aired interviews with the common people, who it claimed were shocked and enraged.

But the two persons CNN-IBN chatted with actually showed no rage. They were, of course, reproachful in adequately strong language.

Perhaps, we are all so inured to such behaviour that it doesn't cause outrage. That's the reason why the exposes are all the more necessary.

We must come to expect the behaviour and design systems accordingly.


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