Thursday, July 19, 2007

Astrology and religion in everyday life

Yesterday,  blogged about 's qualifications to be the President of India in a delightful tongue-in-cheek post:

Consider, first, her spirituality. We are a spiritual nation, and Pratibha Tai actually converses with spirits.

Source: Celebrating Pratibha Patil - The India Uncut Blog

His piece opened my eyes to very interesting stories that seem to regularly appear in the media. Take two recent examples:

  1. The Times of India reports today that Delhi State's Transport Minister, Haroon Yusuf, is going to Ajmer to pray for respite from deaths caused by Blueline buses.

    If we are clueless about how to handle the errant buses, perhaps, it's appropriate to seek the intervention of gods. But what if the spirit at the Dargah got unhappy with the Minister? Will that mean more deaths?

  2. The current issue of Business Today has an item ,"Three out of four", examining an astrologer's success in predicting the movement of bullion and commodities prices.

    Ah! I always knew that astrology isn't so different from  in its methods and beliefs. At least you now have a choice.


Shubhranshu said...

The reason why pseudo-sciences like astrology, feng-shui, vaastu or even homoeopathy retain their appeal is that they are never 100% wrong. They are sometimes right, but just that - SOMETIMES.

Sunil Bajpai said...

Yes, that is true.

If astrology could be 100% wrong, it would be useful! Especially, if the predictions weren't too detailed. Such predictions would rule out some outcomes and thus improve prediction by other means.