Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Cappuccino cell phone plan

light on the line
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Cappuccino, from Illy naturally, with an additional shot of espresso, cream and some honey. Also a moist banana cake.

No idea how this would turn out. But I'd like to place the order, if only to leave the barista no options to play with.

Never mind the unnecessary expense, I just want to deny them the pleasure of inflicting more damage on me for once.

Perhaps, whenever the service provider has a bewildering set of options to offer, but doesn't, it means they have already got you on the most expensive plan and maximum add-ons.

For example, my cellphone provider hasn't offered any plan changes or opt-in's for a while now. Have I already maximized revenue for them?

Maybe I should vary my options at random and measure the provider's distress by the number of times they contact me per months. Then stick with the configuration that maximizes their discomfort.


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