Monday, February 12, 2007

To my Wife and my Valentine ...

... I sent the finest Godiva chocolates and a poem last year.

We were as far apart, geographically, as two persons can be on the earth. I was in Buenos Aires and she was home in New Delhi.

Did I miss her? Yes.

But I wasn't sad. It isn't mandatory for me to be unhappy and sentimental for the reason that it's a particular day.

We had each other in life, what could be better?

Buenos Aires is a wonderful place in February and maybe the rest of the year as well.

I walked about Caminito and enjoyed chatting with the artists. Bought a painting and requested a Valentine's day message on the reverse. The charming fellow also drew us dancing the tango and his own image wearing a hat!

Tango is everywhere in Buenos Aires. In their paintings, on the streets and probably in their school curricula.

Here's me all nervous and graceful in a tango pose. It is unusual for me to be either in real life. 

If you think tango is just a dance, you are completely mistaken. It's equal part music. 

The bandoneĆ³n and the baritone voice of a tango singer are God's gift to men, if they have the good sense to take their wives, girlfriends and Valentines to be put under the spell. 

Want to fall in love all over again? Try holding holding hands and sipping champagne at a tango show. 

This year I am home. As close with my wife and Valentine as two persons can be on the earth.

And you know I just bought a guitar :-)


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